Start Your Own T-shirt Business

The Simple Process of Starting Your T-shirt Business

Our goal is to create a network of “Skybell Tshirtprenuers.” We can help you start your own t-shirt business using Skybell. For a minimum investment of P5,000, you can start your t-shirt business right away. —Lloyd Luna, founder of Skybell Clothing Company

Steps on Setting Up Skybell T-shirt Center

  1. Make sure you have made yourself familiar with Skybell brand—its history, mission, and what it represents and stands for. If you have not read about it, go to Skybell, the t-shirt supplier in the Philippines.
  2. Identify your area of distribution and list down your existing and prospect customers. Your basic reseller package is limited to your municipality. If you want to cover larger area, you need to buy more inventory.
  3. Find a space where you can place Skybell panaflex signage, which you will have to provide. The size is at least 2 feet high and 3 feet wide. It must be well-lighted and visible to the public. The signage must be installed and operational before the delivery of your first inventory.
  4. Order at least one dozen of each size of each color of our t-shirts. The minimum investment is P10,800. It covers the minimum inventory required for your first purchase. You will have all sizes of white and black plain t-shirt with one dozen per size, which you can resell right away.
  5. Pay the amount through bank deposit at LLOYD LUNA S/A 247-002-5776 BDO Cash and Carry Mall or send the net payment via LBC with Lloyd Luna as recipient.
  6. Arrange for pick up schedule.

Consider having a business of your own. You can make an incredible income by selling our t-shirts in your area. Let us know if you are interested to start your own t-shirt business!

If you have your own store in Divisoria, Manila or a print shop in any part of the Philippines, we can also be your supplier. We guarantee quality fabrics that could help you attract even more customers.



We manufacture quality t-shirts at a price of lower quality t-shirts in the market today. Please call (+63) 917303-8129 for details.

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