Customized T-shirt Label in Divisoria, Philippines

Customized T-shirt Label to Start Your Own Brand

It’s hard to believe. Maybe it’s not going to happen. But if you search hard enough, it will happen.

By purchasing at least 500 pieces of shirts per color, we can put your own private label on those shirts. Yes, we will be happy to help you create a brand that you can call your own.

Private labeling isn’t always easily available in the Philippines. Primarily, it’s because a very few, if not totally zero, manufacturing garment companies seem to care for small start-up entrepreneurs.

We believe that the achievement and success of your business is our success. That’s why we decided to help you turn your dream into reality.

Say goodbye to tearing those labels so that you can replace it with your own tag or label. If you are ready, we are ready to provide you with this service: private labeling or customized labeling.

You may wonder, well, we may compete with Skybell brand. Well, what’s the big deal about it. A healthy competition is great for everyone. Besides, the more players we have in the market, the more creative we will force ourselves to be.

So, let’s get it on.

Give us a call so we can setup a meeting. Or take a look at our Facebook page, Skybell Clothing Company.

Customized T-shirt Label Philippines
Customized T-shirt Label Philippines

Lloyd Luna

CEO at Skybell
Lloyd is a Filipino motivational speaker and author. After providing inspiration through his books and seminars, he decided to make you look inspired through the shirts that you wear.

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