• Tshirt Supplier Wholesaler Contact Plain White Color Quick look at t-shirt’s history

    Remarkable story of how t-shirt came to be! The first appearance of this clothing were claimed to have been used by the US Navy during the Spanish-American war as undergarments. The popular t-shirt today has its own remarkable story before it became a common garment. The first appearance of this clothing was claimed to have [...] Continue Reading
  • How To Start a T-shirt Business in the Philippines

    The Steps on How To Start Your T-shirt Business We want to help you get started with your t-shirt business ideas. So, we listed down some points you must consider before jumping in the lucrative business of t-shirt selling. Enjoy! —Lloyd Luna, founder of Skybell Clothing Company Starting t-shirt business with Skybell should be fun! STARTING [...] Continue Reading
  • Customized T-shirt Label in Divisoria, Philippines

    Customized T-shirt Label to Start Your Own Brand It’s hard to believe. Maybe it’s not going to happen. But if you search hard enough, it will happen. By purchasing at least 500 pieces of shirts per color, we can put your own private label on those shirts. Yes, we will be happy to help you [...] Continue Reading
  • Plain Tshirt Light Blue 60 cotton 40 polyester Affordable T-shirt Supplier in Manila

    SBL Clothing Philosophy If we can just pay a considerable amount of attention to those who wear the t-shirts that we sell, we would realize the role of quality in the garments that we ask them to wear. Usability must always precede profit. —Lloyd Luna, founder of Skybell Clothing Company Usability over profit For a day, [...] Continue Reading
  • Tshirt Supplier Wholesaler Contact Plain Assorted Colors Two inquiries in two days

    Surprised by possible clients We are still warming up, enjoying the honeymoon since we just started our website and we are thrilled to realize that people who search for t-shirt supplier and wholesaler on Google has been seeing us... About two days ago, I got an inquiry from someone who needs three 3XL t-shirts. She said [...] Continue Reading
  • sample-skybell-print-label-tshirt-supplier-philippines Skybell Clothing Philosophy

    SBL Clothing Philosophy Over time, we will build a remarkably spectacular t-shirt brand, which aims to help people look inspired. But the clothing philosophy that we live by will never be altered by whatever future fame, gains, and glory we will achieve: Who wears the shirt is more important than the shirt he or she wears. —Lloyd [...] Continue Reading
  • Believe in yourself inspirational t-shirt by Lloyd Luna Believe in yourself

    Believe in youself Many times, we get confused not only by the never-ending demands of life but by overwhelming noise of the people around us. What they say almost instantly become our reality. We become products of other people's decision. Sad but true. When they say you can't, you say you're right. But maybe not. [...] Continue Reading
  • sample-skybell-print-label-tshirt-supplier-philippines Look inspired

    Look inspired Exactly, our mission is to make you look inspired in everything that you do, wherever you are. Inspiration is everywhere. You don't have to go far to see one. And we want your life to be a walking model of modern-day inspiration. By wearing this shirt, you are joining a community of people [...] Continue Reading
  • Tshirt Supplier Wholesaler Contact Plain Assorted Colors A new name for classic shirts

    A new name for classic shirts Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would have a rare opportunity to inspire people through apparel business. But here I am starting to venture into a new ocean of uncertainties. What I will become is yet to be seen. Will I succeed? Maybe. Will I fail? [...] Continue Reading
  • sample-skybell-print-label-tshirt-supplier-philippines Skybell says hello!

    Little by little, we are getting there. The tasks ahead are enormous, tricky, and perhaps even confusing but without a doubt equally exciting, challenging, and fun. To be able to get inside your closet and constantly inspire you not only through motivational words but also though everyday clothing is a rare honor and privilege for […]

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