Latest Plain T-shirt Cotton-blend Price in the Philippines is P120

Now, you can have a cotton-blend fabric for the price you pay for a synthetic polyester! More comfortable you can wear Skybell T-shirt everyday!

Latest Plain T-shirt Price List Divisoria Manila Philippines

Make the shift to a Cotton-blend T-shirt!

We have a very competitive price point. Because of our efficient production system, we are able to produce quality t-shirts for a price that you can’t refuse.

We don’t think a P60-shirt will make you or your customers wear the t-shirt again and again. It’s never going to happen. But a P120-shirt that we offer is already 60% cotton-made.

Skybell is of way, way better quality than what you see in the mall yet we have an even lower price than them. The P149-shirt in any given department store is using a thin 30-yarn count and most of them are polyester-heavy.

Ours at P120 is cotton-rich. How about that?

Still, it’s your choice. We are giving you all the freedom to choose. We understand your budget.

T-shirts for your organization during special events like anniversary or foundation day or team building activities must be something that your members will take pride at wearing ever long after your event.