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SBL Clothing Philosophy

If we can just pay a considerable amount of attention to those who wear the t-shirts that we sell, we would realize the role of quality in the garments that we ask them to wear. Usability must always precede profit. —Lloyd Luna, founder of Skybell Clothing Company

Usability over profit

For a day, I tried to be an agent of Skybell T-shirt Supplier and Wholesaler Manila, Philippines just to get a feel on how it’s like to be one and to experience client’s behavior. Today, I learned that t-shirt buyers are ill-informed of the type of materials they buy. Most of them just like “makapal” kahit 90% polyester.

Not all thick fabrics are great fabrics. Especially in the Philippines, a tropical country, t-shirt sellers must think about those who wear the shirt more than the profit they will take away.

Some would reason out, “Eh isang beses lang naman nilang isusuot.” But the thing is, if you would just add at least P5, they can have a comfortable piece of garment and they can wear it over and over again. Many don’t know the texture of a CVC, TC and 100% cotton. Education is important.

And as I start this journey of “helping people ‪#‎lookinspired‬” I will spend my time teaching as I push for some profit.

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