Believe in youself

Many times, we get confused not only by the never-ending demands of life but by overwhelming noise of the people around us. What they say almost instantly become our reality. We become products of other people’s decision. Sad but true. When they say you can’t, you say you’re right. But maybe not. What if you can? What if all you need to do is breakaway from ideas of people towards you and your future? What if all you need is to believe in yourself? You wouldn’t know until you do it: Believe in yourself when nobody else believes in you. Because, maybe, you’re right. And they are wrong.

Believe in yourself inspirational t-shirt by Lloyd Luna
Believe in yourself inspirational t-shirt by Lloyd Luna

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  • Carlo Jason Salvador Tala

    Good day Sir Lloyd,

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    Last March of 2015, There was a Volleyball league (16-36years old womens div.) in our Barangay and the price is 10k. I said to my wife that let us build a team with all your friends. My wife said that she doesn’t want to play anymore. So we asked the 2nd generation after her. We build a team under 19 including our daughter which is 11 at that time. We ended up Champions and spend the price money for outing only. From then on we decided to build a club which is RJC Volleyball Club. Then from there we recruit to build a womens team and mens team. Most of them are all in high school. Our goal is to keep the girls from getting pregnant, boys from getting anyone pregnant, away from drugs and to finish studies via scholarship thru volleyball.

    We are currently trying to join CROSSCOURT VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT by Alyzza Valdez. the entry fee is a bit expensive. We are call center agents. We try to get everything from our own money to fill the entry fee and uniforms and warmer shirts.

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    Hoping you consider our proposal.


    Carlo Jason Salvador Tala


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