A new name for classic shirts

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would have a rare opportunity to inspire people through apparel business. But here I am starting to venture into a new ocean of uncertainties. What I will become is yet to be seen. Will I succeed? Maybe. Will I fail? Maybe. I can never be so sure, never been this so unsure.

But I regardless, I am still the same motivational guy with the inspirational lines people get inspiration and laughter from. So, since I have written a dozen books, I decided to write on t-shirts. Please anticipate my quotes and that of other inspirational speakers printed on what you wear everyday. Should I succeed in this venture, I succeed at serving you.

Long ago, everything was about me being at the forefront and the people I serve in the background, loudly cheering but never acknowledged. This time, this work is about service. And love is simply service made visible. Then, let me serve you through this venture. Let me serve you not only in words but in apparel you wear. Let Skybell be about you who will look inspired whenever you put on this piece of garment.

And to honor my wife, here’s what every bag will have printed on it: She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs at the days to come.


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  • Yongpal

    Im an 18yrs old with a crazy imagination and Im from Angeles city,Pampanga. Im planing to start up a business like shirt printing business and to have my own brand. Some advice or help?


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