SBL Clothing Philosophy

Over time, we will build a remarkably spectacular t-shirt brand, which aims to help people look inspired. But the clothing philosophy that we live by will never be altered by whatever future fame, gains, and glory we will achieve: Who wears the shirt is more important than the shirt he or she wears. —Lloyd Luna, founder of Skybell Clothing Company

Our customer at the center

There are thousands of clothing brands in the world. There are hundreds in the Philippines—almost always fighting to win the customers’ heart (and money).

A little over 30 years ago, garments and textile industries started to grow. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of the founders of the popular brands we see around us. Many may have died but there are some who survived.

Skybell is not simply a newcomer or a new player getting into clothing and apparel business. We are a group of passionate individuals who want to keep the nation inspired through the clothes that people wear every single day. We want to use the popularity of t-shirts to move our cause of helping people feel good and look inspired.

Our clothing philosophy came from no less than our founder, Lloyd Luna, an international motivational speaker in the Philippines and author of self-help inspirational books. He said, “Who wears the shirt is more important than the shirt he or she wears.”

And that is because, we primary believe in people, not in products, as a mover of any society. It is always easy to look good outside than it is to look good inside. We believe in making a difference in the lives of those who wear our shirts by reminding them how important their identity is.

We don’t just manufacture shirts. We manufacture inspiration and let our customers see the very inspiration they seek within themselves every time they look in the mirror. When our shirt is finally put on, the person who wears it wears the inspiration we embroidered on it.

Somehow, at some point, at some place, we have to find inspiration so we can move closer to our dreams. By helping people to look inspired everyday, we believe we contribute to the development of humanity.

As committed as we are to personal development, we promise to inspire you so you, too, can inspire many others you meet everyday.

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