How To Start a T-shirt Business in the Philippines

The Steps on How To Start Your T-shirt Business

We want to help you get started with your t-shirt business ideas. So, we listed down some points you must consider before jumping in the lucrative business of t-shirt selling. Enjoy! —Lloyd Luna, founder of Skybell Clothing Company

Starting t-shirt business with Skybell should be fun!


Clothing is a basic necessity in life. And t-shirt has become a staple part of its growing necessity. However, more the wearing the t-shirt, there has to be something more to its wearing—you can actually create a fortune should you enter a t-shirt business in the Philippines. Starting your t-shirt business via Skybell, here are steps for your upcoming inspirational clothing brand:

1) RESEARCH. Get ideas through understanding and reading knowledge in the world of clothing. As a consumer yourself, you probably have knowledge about a lot of these existing clothing brands and even have your list of favorites. Explore how they work on their business, the stories to success that will give you an idea on how will you work yourself out in this industry. Looking at Skybell, it will be an advantage to explore the core values of this business—especially as it aims not just its role as supplier and wholesaler, but also as an empowerment for people to feel and look inspired with the t-shirt they are wearing.

2) PLANNING. It’s time to draw the basics of your business. This is all about the T-shirt.

Idea Development. The brand is the main character of every business, and it takes time to make a high quality shirt, so there’s no hurrying for this. When creating your brand, think of how it will create a strong connection with your buyers and make them stay loyal to your business. For the name, make sure it will be something that can create a strong impact, should be easy to pronounce and most of all, make it memorable for the consumers. Take Skybell for example, the word Sky means dream or aspiration, while Bell means ringing back to reality, to working. Combining these two words, Skybell would be “your companion when you’re dreaming, your ally when you’re making your dream real.”

Unique Selling Point. Having a unique selling point means having an idea that is not present in other brands of the same product you are selling. It doesn’t have to be entirely different and out of this world all the time; all T-shirt businesses can fall on the same theme—but to make it unique, you can present it in a different way. Skybell’s theme is about inspiration, and there could be other T-shirt businesses out there that are having the same concept. However, this business presents words of inspiration from motivational speakers, especially from the founder himself, Mr. Lloyd Luna.

Fundamental Beliefs. Do not forget to create your own version of the vision, mission, goals and objectives. These beliefs help you maintain the right path and remind you the real purpose of your business. Skybell’s core values come from the words of its founder: “Who wears the shirt is more important than the shirt he or she wears.” With this, they would like to make shirts that will remind each individual of their value, look and feel inspired in their everyday life.

Visual. Now it’s time to put your utmost attention to your design. First of all, when you’re doing the design, always think of it as part of a certain collection so it will maintain its harmony. Of course, each design will not look the same as another, but you can maintain the similar ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of it. Take note of the color, the fonts, images, print locations and the logo that will be included in your designs as well. While doing so, create the working names without getting far from the concept.

Making it Solid. For the finishing touches of your design, it is important that you have your computer and its art programs. It can be on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or any other software that is similar. alternatively, you can either use the hand drawing method or outsource your work. And since this is about choosing the final design for use, it is necessary that you consider feedbacks to help you as well. For the sizing, 12x width, 15-16x height and 300dpi. The width and height may vary depending on the size and shape of the design, but the 300dpi is required as minimum resolution level.

3) RESEARCH AGAIN. After the internal ‘all about the T-shirt’ process, you have to extend the box and think of the external factors.

Niche market: Time to get to your target audience. Categorize your business; what kind of people would you want to wear your brand? You can also think of who can benefit from your product in all possible ways. After knowing your target market, check if it is a profitable amount—this is not a short-term business, after all.

Collaborations. You never walk alone. Internal and external partners are what you especially need when you are starting your T-shirt business. Give them a call and set fair deals.

Competition. There’s a lot of advantage when you keep track of your competitors. If you have an idea on how they work on their business, you will be able to have an opportunity to think of your own. You can acquire knowledge, strategies and even inspiration from them.

Availability: You have to recheck originality. Maintain it by going to patent and trademark search systems such as ASEAN TMview or to make sure we’re safe from plagiarism issues.

Promotion. Hit your starting up T-shirt business with a good promotion. There are two types of promotion that you have to take in mind and manage in order to make a good outcome: paid and free. You can try different strategies such as social networking, pay-per-click ads, targeting bulk orders; allowing customization, free giveaways, etc. Learning from other businesses especially the most successful ones is another method, too.

Feedback. It’s time to get the preferences of your target market to test the real score of your T-shirt business. Aside from the traditional, use online power to get into sites where your works can have an exposure and be able to collect a lot of responses. This is significant especially as an amateur in the industry as it helps you with your growing business. However, while making these as basis to the quality of your T-shirt designs don’t forget to use your own judgment in deciding who the right, constructive people are to listen to.

4) BELIEVE. Nothing is stronger than believing in a dream and taking action for its reality. When you start to work on your business, it means you believe you can reach it, you can do it. While you have so much to do once you begin, keep yourself inspired and motivated all throughout—don’t forget have fun with your work!

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